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julian voss-andreae

A background in quantum physics and a love of art are the driving forces behind Julian Voss-Andreae’s unusual sculptures. Much of the German-born artist’s work focuses on recreating small molecules using a variety of materials. However, Quantum Man, pictured below, has captured the attention of both the science world and the art world. The sculpture appears solid when viewed from the front, but when the larger-than-life steel man is viewed from the side, he seems to disappear.

Voss-Andreae used 115 thin, steel slabs connecting them with 1,000 steel rods that also act as spacers for the figure.

quantum man front

The 8′ 2″ sculpture viewed from the side.

quantum man viewed from the side

From the website:

Quantum physics describes a moving object as consisting of waves oriented perpendicular to its direction of motion. Drawing inspiration from that image, artist Julian Voss-Andreae has created an image of a walking human as a quantum object. Made up of thin, vertically oriented steel sheets representing those waves, the 8’ (2.50 m) tall sculpture is a metaphor for the counter-intuitive world of quantum physics. Symbolizing the dual nature of matter with the appearance of classical reality on the surface and cloudy quantum behavior underneath, the sculpture seems to consist of solid dark steel when seen from the front, but dissolves into almost nothing when seen from the side.

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