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lomuto’s goal

Top on my list of Goals (notice the capital G – I must be serious) for 2008 is to show more of my own work. Even if it is still in the experimental stage. Even if it isn’t perfect. Even if I don’t know my way around a camera…any camera.

I’ve been experimenting quite a bit, stitching, sewing, manipulating paper thin sheets, using acrylic mediums, stretching the definition of vessel, sometimes moving past objects towards installation pieces, deconstructing/reconstructing. I’m not sure where this is taking me, but I thought I’d let you share the roller coaster ride.

Grant Diffendaffer’s textured tube beads were the inspiration for the objects you see here. I’m calling them objects because they are unfinished – I set out to make a series of vessels using Diffendaffer‘s bead technique (in his new book) but then decided to cut the vessels apart and reconfigure them. Each hollow piece is approximately 2″ in diameter and ranges from 1-3″ tall.

I’ve been told that they look like octopus legs. Yes?


boiled octopus legs

After I cut them apart I added more paint, sanded and played with gel medium on a few of the cylinders.


group of lomuto’s octopus legs

Then I stacked them.


lomuto’s octopus legs stacked

And reconfigured them again.


reconfigured octopus legs

I’m not sure how I will actually complete this series but I’ll let you know when I get there. I had a blast researching octopus legs after several people made that comparison and now I think I will make a second group – slimmer, tapered, swirly, more like the real thing. What do you think?


myeseafood boiled octopus legs
Stay tuned for more of my experiments in 2008!
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14 Responses to lomuto’s goal

  1. Delightful. Evocative. And playful.

    And as Sue said above, it’s fun and inspiring to see and read about the artistic trail these have lead you on so far….

    Thank you for sharing. Sharing your babies is scary…. putting yourself out there for all the world and it’s criticism. But you also allow others to delight in what you see and where you’re going.

  2. I don’t think I could say anything that would add to what has already been said. These are beautiful pieces and I hope you do continue with the series… they are so wonderfully organic and mysterious. Thank you for sharing them.

    I truly enjoy your website, inspires me daily.

    Happy New Year.

  3. OMG, I think I’m in love. I’m not sure if I think octopus so much as ocean…seaweed, barnacles, weathered shells…maybe even a sea cucumber. But the colors and shapes and textures are fabulous, and thanks to you, I now know EXACTLY what I’m going to use my Amazon gift certificate on. 😉

  4. Susan,

    The vessels are wonderful! Evocative of octopus, but so much more. I can’t wait to see how the series evolves. You may not share your own work as often as we’d like, but when you do you floor us. And thanks for sharing the process, it’s such fun to watch!

  5. Wow! I love these. I haven’t seen Diffendaffer’s book yet, but your work sure is great advertising. The colored stacks look like beautiful pieces of ceramic. I ‘d love to see what you’ll do next.

  6. Verrrrry interesting!
    I like the colors, the ventouses ( sorry don’t know the word in english).
    I think that my resolution will be to look at your experiments on the NOTES.
    Wish you health and inspiration for this new year!

  7. Susan, the magic of your website is that so often I see things that actually make me gasp. That’s what these (shapes?? Cylinders? Magical tubes of power????) made me do — I found myself holding my breath looking at them. Shape, texture, color, movement — they sing and dance and sway. Thanks for this delightful inspirational head start on a fabulous new year.

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