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tzuri gueta’s silicone and silk

Paris based Tzuri Gueta is the inventor of patented silicone and silk textile jewelry designs and perhaps the world’s foremost silicone artist. Through experimentation and a series of ‘happy accidents’, Gueta developed a way to extrude hot silicone through silk tubes to create these luscious forms.


gueta red necklace

Gueta’s signature collection of rings, necklaces and bracelets look as though they were plucked from the sea. Gritty, organic forms reminiscent of the raw, sensual sea coral. The element of surprise in this body of work? Though each piece appears rough-hewn, hard and heavy, they are instead soft, pliable and lightweight. A tactile experience.


gueta necklace
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3 Responses to tzuri gueta’s silicone and silk

  1. Glad you enjoyed Guerta’s collection Kim. I love having a platform to share work that moves me in some way. Pokes me. Yells at me to stretch beyond my comfort zone. Sometimes by its whimsy, sometimes by its genius, sometimes by its beauty.

    Gueta’s work is not only luscious, but his ‘happy accident’ provides all of us with fertile ground for discovery. How can we push the polymer envelope? Are there other ways to extrude polymer clay? How do we move from idea to execution as seamlessly as this innovator?

    And Kim, please don’t leave us! The polymer clay world needs you (but if you decide to dabble in silicone…do let us take a peek)!

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