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karola torkos

German born Karola Torkos creates changeable jewelry in her London studio, refusing to be boxed in when it comes to jewelry design. As someone who has an affinity for things that are changeable, kinetic or double-duty-friendly, I immediately fell in love with her work. The brooches are jointed – these pictures show two possible configurations made with the same shape. I’m more inclined to wear a brooch than a necklace (I am a funny duck you know), but do check out the necklace collections – she’s done a terrific job of designing moveable pieces.

karola torkos brooches one way

My current and ongoing project of changeable/variable jewellery offers a huge playground. Giving the wearer the possibility to change the look of a jewellery piece is in some way handing over the last step in the design process.

karola torkos brooches reconfigured

A kernel of an idea for you this afternoon – you’ve had your coffee already and the cobwebs have cleared out of your head, yes? OK – so think brads, eyelets or rivets and polymer clay by itself or covering thin copper tubing…maybe aluminum?

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