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lorna fraser: light and shadows

A monochromatic palette helps Scottish artist Lorna Fraser utilize the power of light and shadows in her hand built porcelain forms. Their dense black counterparts provide a stunning contrast to the other-worldly effect of the lit translucent sculptures.














“The inspiration for my work comes from the plant world. I take elements from different parts of plants – particularly water lilies – to create my own hybrids. My work explores the sculptural quality of plants whilst also trying to capture their vulnerability and sensuality.”

Lorna Fraser’s website

online class + special offer = win/win

I am interrupting my regular feature posts to invite you to join me next month for the 2015 WPBasics eCourse. If you are ready to take control of your website and you want to learn how to build a WordPress website that lets your art shine, this is the class for you!

There are three price-points ($47, $147, $797) and ALL are a huge cost savings over having someone (me!) create a website for you. Register today and be on your way to having a beautiful website you can be proud of. Scroll down to see my special offer. . .

All the details HERE

wpbasics (3)

The class is appropriate for anyone who wants to learn how to build a WordPress website, however it is geared towards teaching artists how to create a beautiful online presentation for their art.

View A Sampling Of Student Websites
[Click Images To Visit Websites]


Wait! Here’s My Special Win-Win Offer!

Sign up for the WPBasics *PLUS* option ($147) and after the class is over, if you decide creating a website isn’t for you, hire me to build your WordPress website and I will deduct $650* off the price! 

This is simply a win-win:

  • Sign up for the class – if you love it and the learning curve fits, you win by saving money and taking control over your site.
  • Sign up for the class – if life gets in the way or you change your mind and decide you don’t want to do it yourself, you win by saving time and money when you hire me to build the site for you.

Heck, even if you have no interest in learning how to create your own site, if you are thinking about hiring me to build the site for you it pays to sign up for the class just to receive the discounted price!

*Offer good only on WordPress website builds for new clients, cannot be combined with other offers, does not apply to past classes and must be redeemed within 3 months after the May 2015 class ends – payment plans are available. You must purchase the WPBasics *PLUS* option to receive the discounted price quoted in this offer.

See you in class!

I’ll be back tomorrow with another inspirational feature post.

lena olson’s thing with wood

Since childhood, Sweden’s Lena Olson has had what she refers to as a “close and good relationship” with wood. She credits her ‘thing’ with wood as one of the main reasons the material is a good fit for the artist.



Rings, bracelets, pendants, brooches and bracelets beautifully crafted from ebony, pearwood, pink ebony, lime, amaranth. . .


olson_heart_pinkebony“Initially I used to combine wood with silver in my jewelry, and also other materials like textile and concrete. But as wood turned out to give me all the answers and challenges I could ask for, it was eventually the only thing I needed.”  From an interview with the artist on AJF






Olson enjoys taking a solid piece of material and removing pieces of it to create the form, particularly when the material itself makes it clear the artist is not in control of everything. I’m speaking of the grains, cracks, and variations of colors in any piece of wood . She doesn’t control them and yet they add so much, all while she is taking away from the material to create a form. Olson surrenders to the material with grace. . .






Lena Olson’s website

Read the interview with Lena Olson on Art Jewelry Forum

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