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shay church: wet clay sculptures

Deeply interested in the cycle of life, Shay Church focuses on African Elephants and Gray Whales in his site-specific Wet Clay Installation series.



Elephant in progress

He describes the sculptures as “migrations interrupted”, referencing the long, challenging migrations these mammals must endure each year. His installations “put a forceful, crude human twist on an elegant natural cycle”.


“I believe in the natural cycles of the earth. Within these patterns of life and death is where I can find truth. While cities grow, wars rage, and industry climbs, nature’s pulse continues to pound. Migratory paths remain, rivers continue to run downstream, wolves hunt, and insects are hatched.” 


Beached Whale, 2009 ArtPrize Entry


 Beached Whale Installation, Cypress California


Installation of three beached whales
Philadelphia, 2010. Photo, Melody Kramer

Church and a crew of assistants first build an armature with wood strips, allowing spaces between the pieces of wood. The life size structures are then covered with wet clay, which slowly dries and cracks, eventually leaving each sculpture to look like a decaying corpse.

YouTube Preview Image

The time lapse video above allows us to witness the birth of one of his elephants. Wonderful.

Shay Church’s website

At the beginning of a 2012 interview with Palomar College Television he explains how the volunteers who assist him are integral to the work. Watch the full interview here.

Elephant Video


tzuri gueta: forging his own path

It’s been several years since I posted about Tzuri Gueta’s jewelry –  a recent visit to his website shows he’s been quite busy creating jewelry, textiles and furniture.






Using a technique he developed and patented, Gueta and his team inject silk with silicone to create a unique type of textile he calls Silicone Lace. No machines, no molds, all handmade.








Gueta, who likes silicone for its strength and flexibility, has created an impressive collection – do check all of his catalogues for a bevy of unusual shapes and sizes. The colors POP. The shapes bring to mind sea life and pods. The flexibility of the material is sexy. Love.





Get a closer look at Gueta’s work and process in the two videos below:


Tzuri Gueta’s website

Gueta’s Jewelry Catalogues

Previous post on Daily Art Muse

Video 1

Video 2


edgar zuñiga jimenez’s reclaimed wood and metal columns

Acclaimed painter and sculptor Edgar Zuñiga Jimenez creates figurative columns from wood, clay, iron and steel.




The wood columns are carved from antique ceiling beams, adding to their allure.


“I use the column as the base and support of my artistic expression. On the column I develop different formal languages; I position on them sculpted faces or anatomical fragments, especially on wooden columns obtained from old or demolished houses from the Central Valley of Costa Rica. Through them, I am expressing the loss of the collective memory and values.”


While I am most drawn to the reclaimed wood columns with carved faces, his steel columns with clay figures holding up, holding on and holding out speak to me of a quiet power within.








Edgar Zuñiga’s website (where I found most of this information) seems to be having some issues at the moment, but you can see more on his Facebook Page.

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